Our beloved author Steven W. Horn embarked on several stops over the spring and summer, including chance encounters with fans of his Sam Dawson mysteries. These stops remind us that the world of literature extends beyond the pages of a book, creating memorable moments and fostering connections around the globe.

A Texan Tale at BookPeople

In the heart of Austin, Texas, lies a haven for bibliophiles – BookPeople, a world-renowned bookstore. This past spring, Steven stopped by the store, which sells signed paperback copies of his books.

Fishing for Stories in Nebraska

July took Steven to the picturesque Merritt Trading Post Resort in Cherry Co., Nebraska. Amid the tranquil setting, an unexpected encounter added excitement to his fishing trip. A shopper recognized Steven and revealed she was a fan of the Sam Dawson mysteries. They had a lively discussion, and she can’t wait for the next one. Selling signed paperbacks in such an unconventional location was a surreal experience, further proving that Steve’s books are genuinely sought after, no matter where readers may find themselves.

A Heartwarming Homecoming at Wyoming Home

The final stop took us to Wyoming Home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a store that proudly houses all of Steven’s signed hardback and paperback books year-round. Here, Steven had a special reunion with Becky Wilson Petig, the daughter of one of his high school classmates. Becky, hailing from Iowa, wanted to procure copies of Steve’s books—one for her father and one for herself. Steven was there to personalize the signed copies, making the books all the more precious. Becky expressed hope that Steve might host a literary event in her city in the future. This encounter highlighted the unique service Wyoming Home offers, allowing fans to receive personalized notes from Steve, adding an extra layer of connection between the author and his readers.

Stay tuned for more updates on Steve’s journeys, and remember to dive into his latest Sam Dawson mystery if you haven’t already!