Highly anticipated latest book in the Sam Dawson Mystery Series – No Good Deed

The author of the award-winning Sam Dawson Mystery novels, Steven W. Horn, continues his dramatic, intelligent, and gripping storytelling. In NO GOOD DEED, a beautiful attorney draws photographer Sam Dawson into exploring who murdered a fourteen-year-old boy in one of the Old West’s most baffling crimes. Her great grandmother Glendolene knew the truth that may have saved a man from the gallows. Haunted by the death of the woman he loved, Sam battles temptation while sorting fact and fiction from the murky depths of the concealed past. Nothing is as it seems when unearthing lost graves.

Release Date: Nov. 7, 2019.

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Starred Review from Publishers Weekly - When They Where Young

The author of the award-winning Sam Dawson Mystery novels, Steven W. Horn, continues his dramatic, intelligent, and gripping storytelling. In WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG, Horn presents a novel of insight and poignancy as he delves into the uncompromising complexity of relationships and their consequences that set in motion years of deception and vengeance in this spine-tingling read. Stumbling across a child’s body while fishing in Wyoming’s Laramie range, Sam Dawson must unravel the truth as those closest to him get drawn into a dangerous web of revenge.

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Eric Hoffer Award Category Finalist Second Book in the Sam Dawson Mystery Series – When Good Men Die

When Good Men Die was named a Category Finalist in the internationally recognized 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. In When Good Men Die, photographer Sam Dawson returns in this mystery series to clear himself as a suspect in the murder of a nursing home resident. Sam turns his camera toward the elderly and meets Hans Gottlieb, Depression-era carnival wrestler and former Olympian. Hans prefers to live among his brutally harsh and haunting memories and has come to the north woods to die. In Sam’s quest for the truth about the murder, he discovers the disturbing reality that the aged are often not who they appear to be. He and his drooling bloodhound will be set upon by wolves and humans alike as Sam exposes decades-long secrets in this Gordian knot of a mystery.

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Gold Award-Winning First Book in the Sam Dawson Mystery Series – The Pumpkin Eater

The Pumpkin Eater won the 2014 Independent Book Publishers Association’s Benjamin Franklin Gold Award in the Mystery/Suspense Category and was a 2014 Eric Hoffer Award Category Finalist. The Pumpkin Eater weaves a story of dark secrets with the clandestine efforts of those willing to kill to protect the crimes of the past. The novel uncovers a shocking story of undetected mass murders of young women, involving genetic manipulation and the dark history of America’s attempt to genetically improve the human species.

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Highly acclaimed first novel – Another Man’s Life

Steven W. Horn’s debut novel, Another Man’s Life, depicts a Vietnam veteran’s odyssey of redemption for horrific wrongs he was ordered to commit. With a secret that threatens the presidency and the love of the woman with whom he seeks atonement, his mission of reparation will unravel as the deceptive life he has created is exposed. ………

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