Thank you to the Wyoming Livestock Roundup, which ran an article about author Steven W. Horn in its Sept. 29, 2012 issue. For more about the publication visit Below is just an excerpt from the full article, which appears below.

Former UW dean publishes another book, delves into fiction literature

His recently published book, titled Another Man’s Life  is the journey that a Vietnam veteran takes after coming home from war.

“Vietnam was a really different time in American history.” Horn explains. “When veterans returned home from Vietnam, myself being one of them, we weren’t given ticker tape parades, we weren’t respected, and, as a matter of fact, we were actively discriminated against.”

He adds that frequently veterans shed their uniforms as quickly as possible and were quiet about their years of service.

“The book follows a returning veteran by the name of Eden Cain, and Eden is quite troubled by what he witnessed and what he did in Vietnam,” explains Horn. “He has a generalized vision that he needs to seek forgiveness for the things that he did.”