Reviews & Acclaim for ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE

“A memorable debut novel about a life colored by regret and grasping for redemption.” - Kirkus Reviews

“The weight of the world is far too much for one man to bear. “ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE” is a novel from Steven W. Horn, as he focuses on Eden Cain, a man scarred by his time at war and the terror that he faced down in the process. For decades he has mused it, and has set himself on ending his own life, in spite of the few joys he has found. ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE” is a thoughtful and recommended pick, not to be overlooked.” — The Midwest Book Review

ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE is a powerful and factual novel that serves as a wake-up call in the post 9-11 world:  When flawed leaders implement policy, the grisly tentacles thread their way into the most innocent of lives.  Author Steven Horn takes us to the edge of obsessive guilt before delivering us to greatness.  This is a powerful book!  We can only hope that a copy rests on the President’s desk.” – W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear Authors of RAISING ABLE

“ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE grabs the reader and won’t let go. The book is one you can’t put down. I loved it. A lot of truth in a fictional story!  You have written a winner.” — Thom Nicholson author of 15 MONTHS IN SOG

“What a powerful story!  I didn’t sleep much last night, and probably won’t for a week or so.  You bring back so many memories … damn you.  The story is absolutely compelling, well paced back and forth, and as they say in the trade “a page turner.” I didn’t want to put itdown, nor did I want it to end.” – Peter R. Decker author of SAVING THE WEST